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Y1B Yahsat Yahclick

Yahsat’s Y1B satellite. Photo: Yahsat

[Via Satellite 08-04-2015] Yahsat and mobile backhaul technology developer Sevis Systems have successfully created an optimized cellular backhaul solution that facilitates the expansion of mobile networks across the Yahsat Ka-band footprint.

The pre-tested backhaul solution is based on Yahsat’s Ka-band system and Sevis’ scalable 7000-series optimization platform. The integrated IP backhaul solution is mobile-network agnostic and can thus seamlessly integrate with any small cell 3G Iuh or LTE base station vendor used by the mobile operators and YahClick partners. Yahsat and Sevis’ wireless backhaul solution also enables service options such as traffic offload and overflow via satellite.

Yahsat’s began pursuing an optimized satellite backhaul solution because of mobile usage patterns trending toward an increasingly data-dominated mobile environment, which puts a considerable strain on cellular backhaul infrastructure, particularly in locations unserved or underserved by terrestrial networks.

Yahsat and Sevis jointly conducted technical validation and interoperability testing on the YahClick platform, successfully demonstrating substantial bandwidth savings via voice and data optimization as well as improved performance via Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) acceleration, which boosts the speed of TCP-based applications including mobile Web browsing, file downloads, and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) video streaming.

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