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SatGuard VeriSat CID

How SatGuard works. Photo: VeriSat

[Via Satellite 12-12-2014] VeriSat announced the availability of a satellite interference analysis tool called SatGuard that was jointly developed with SES. SatGuard identifies Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI) and cross-polar interference (XPOL) caused by VSAT terminals. The tool uses software radio technology and off-the-shelf hardware to capture and analyze the signals from the operational and interfered links. SatGuard then locates the terminal ID based on the signaling information in the operational satellite links and correlates it with bursts detected in the interfered signal.

VeriSat and SES conducted several tests using a live network that demonstrated SatGuard’s ability to measure interference with a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) as low as -10 db, at which point interference is no longer an operational concern. According to VeriSat, the technology will be enhanced in coming months so that nominal interference levels can be monitored for terminal line-up and commissioning applications.

“According to our statistics, VSAT systems cause approximately 40 percent of all interference, and are responsible for 50 percent of downtime due to interference,” said Martin Coleman, executive director, the Satellite Interference Reduction Group. “This development from VeriSat is extremely significant for VSAT interference, an area which is particularly difficult to solve.”

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