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offshore vessels

Jan De Nul Group vessels working offshore. Photo: Jan De Nul Group

[Via Satellite 09-10-2014] Jan De Nul Group (JDN), a provider of dredging, marine construction, and specialized services for the offshore oil and gas, and renewable energy industries, has awarded a multi-year contract to SpeedCast International. The SpeedCast satellite communications services will be used aboard a multitude of different vessels, and will also extend to JDN’s most recently announced multi-purpose vessel, the JDN8628, which will be launched by the end of this year, and be operational by mid 2015.

With this latest contract, SpeedCast will increase the number of JDN’s vessels served to a total of 44. These vessels perform a wide variety of missions including international dredging and reclamation projects, capital dredging and maintenance works, as well as offshore services for oil and gas, and renewable energies, which include preparations of shore approaches, pre-trenching and profiling seabeds for pipeline installations, and preparations for wind farm installations. SpeedCast designed the communications solution from the ground-up to meet the Jan De Nul Group requirements, which include operational and ship management applications, as well as crew communications.

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