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Eutelsat SIS Live SNG

SIS Live’s Eutelsat-enabled service. Photo: Eutelsat

[Via Satellite 09-23-2015] SIS Live has signed a distribution agreement with Eutelsat Broadband to use and resell its NewsSpotter newsgathering service. Using Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite, SIS Live’s NewsSpotter service delivers bandwidth up to 10 Mbps, supporting transmissions of live video and audio in SD and HD.

SIS Live offers a diverse range of occasional use and fixed connectivity solutions for critical media content, such as satellite services, a fiber-based media network, global distribution, and the largest mobile uplink fleet in Europe. The company also designs and manufactures satellite terminals.

As a completely IP-based service, NewsSpotter is adapted for quickly deploying and sending live video/audio news feeds, enabling broadband Internet access and high-speed store-and-forward files and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Bandwidth can be reserved on a pay-as-you-go basis through an online booking system, while also offering an always-on background broadband Internet access service. Users can access bandwidth by logging in to enter their terminal number, location and time slot.

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