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SES Uplink Antenna

An SES uplink antenna in front of technical building. Photo: SES

[Via Satellite 07-06-2015] SES Government Solutions (SES GS), in a demonstration to U.S. government customers, unveiled a Net-centric communications solution for field-deployed units that provides broadband connectivity via O3b Networks’ satellites and Riva Network’s field deployable 4G nanoLTE solution.

U.S. government customers at the demonstration were able to use mobile phones and tablets outside of Wi-Fi range, transport real-time video through the LTE bubble, and stream the footage without delay over O3b satellites back to a cloud server located in Ashburn, Va. This setup allows for high bandwidth and broadband IP communications, which include standard and HD video, Ultra-HD video, voice and teleconferencing.

The SES solution delivers real-time HD video feeds and imagery files stored in the cloud to individual members of remote field teams, and uses the same link to collect and send raw sensor and video data from deployed teams back to off-site data analysis and command centers. The Riva Network addition brings scalability, with the sphere of connectivity reaching a range of 22 miles depending on network configuration.

“The U.S. government can now integrate smartphones into remote field operations and create a mobile workforce without facing any delays in communication and with full connectivity all the way back to U.S.-based analysts and decision-makers,” said President and CEO of SES GS Pete Hoene.

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