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Eutelsat Africa Broadband

Photo: Eutelsat

[Via Satellite 01-29-2016] RR Media is partnering with Eutelsat to support the operator’s African satellite broadband initiative through the provision of an important hub. The company will contribute by providing satellite broadband capabilities to Sub-Saharan Africa from its Middle East media center.

Eutelsat started this project in 2015, partnering with Facebook and Spacecom to offer Internet connectivity in Africa through the Amos 6 satellite. Amos 6 is scheduled to launch in May this year. Eutelsat also has an order with Thales Alenia Space for African Broadband Satellite, an all-electric High Throughput Satellite (HTS) based on the new Spacebus Neo platform to be launched in 2019.

“Our Middle East media center’s location allows us to play an important role, serving as the hub in connecting people where traditional Internet infrastructure is virtually non-existent. Through better broadband and digital media solutions, we are able to play our part in facilitating better access to the Internet, social media and communications with the wider world,” said 
Avi Cohen, CEO of RR Media.


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