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Red Cross Nepal

American Red Cross IT-Telecommunications Emergency Response Unit (ERU) member in Dhunche, Nepal. Photo: Intelsat


[Via Satellite 05-18-2015] Intelsat has donated satellite resources to the American Red Cross and Team Rubicon to aid in their medical and logistical operations in Nepal following the April 25 magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck the region. Both organizations are establishing satellite broadband networks in the country.

The American Red Cross, working in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), is using capacity on the Intelsat 906 satellite at 64 degrees east, linking via the IntelsatOne terrestrial network at the company’s Fuchsstadt, Germany teleport. The humanitarian organization is able to provide broadband and Voice over Internet Phone (VoIP) service to remote hospitals in Nepal.

Intelsat is working separately with Team Rubicon, a disaster response organization that brings together military veterans and first responders to deploy emergency response teams, supporting a network established by the organization. Team Rubicon delivered medical supplies and sent several teams to aid the Nepalese people in the wake of the disaster.

“When a natural disaster occurs, broadband connectivity is an essential component to ensuring that relief organizations are able to identify and prioritize the needed services and resources as they deliver aid to those impacted by the tragic event,” said Kurt Riegelman, Intelsat senior vice president of sales and marketing.

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