Raytheon to Build Hyperspectral Sensor Payloads for HySpecIQ – Satellite Today

Hyperspectral imaging Boeing HySpecIQ

Hyperspectral imaging is an information-rich technology that uses spectral color bands to identify objects and materials in an image. Photo: Boeing

[Via Satellite 11-17-2014] HySpecIQ, a commercial remote sensing startup, has selected Raytheon to build hyperspectral payloads for the company’s two upcoming satellites. Raytheon will develop the payloads in El Segundo, Calif. and expects to finish them in 2017. Once manufacturing is complete, the payloads will be integrated into the satellites, which are the first to use Boeing’s 502 Phoenix small satellite platform.

Hyperspectral imaging covers a large part of the electromagnetic spectrum, including wavelengths not visible to the naked eye. HySpecIQ intends to provide valuable measurements for oil, gas, mining, agriculture and environment monitoring industries, as well as U.S. government agencies and partner countries. The satellites are scheduled for launch readiness in 2018.

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