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Digital rendering of the Optus 10 satellite. Photo: SS/L

[Via Satellite 12-12-2014] The Optus 10 satellite, operated by Optus Satellite, has begun providing commercial services following its Sept. 11 launch aboard an Ariane 5 rocket. Optus is currently using the satellite for cellular backhaul and connection services for the Optus mobile network. The company is able to provide voice and data connectivity for consumers and enterprise customers in rural and remote sites across Australia through the spacecraft.

Optus 10, located at 164 degrees east, is the 10th Optus satellite launched and the sixth in its current fleet. The satellite can operate in Ku Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) or Broadcast Satellite Services (BSS) bands. Optus controls the spacecraft from its Sydney Earth station, backed up by another Earth station in Perth.

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