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Artist's rendition of a CubeSat. Photo: NASA

Artist’s rendition of a CubeSat. Photo: NASA

[Via Satellite 08-07-2015] Kratos Defense and Security Solutions has released a complete Command and Control (C2) to Radio Frequency (RF) ground systems package for small satellite operators.

The company’s new quantumGND product is comprised of three pre-integrated components. QuantumCMD provides C2 for a single small satellite up to a SmallSat fleet. The Kratos subsidiary RT Logic-produced qFEP and qRADIO components provide the baseband processing functions required between the C2 system and the antenna. Together, these components deliver a virtual machine architecture that features plug-and-play design for simplified setup, automation tools for lights-out operation and complete situational awareness in one dashboard.

“Like large, traditional satellites, SmallSats require command and control software, data processing, networking and RF signal processing. What they don’t necessarily require is the same degree of complexity and added cost of traditional ground systems designed for large satellites,” said Matt Prechtel, business area director for small satellites. “Leveraging Kratos’ extensive experience in RF signal processing and command and control, quantumGND is modular and extensible, a ready to use ground system solution for small satellites.”

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