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Iridium GO!

Iridium GO! Photo: Iridium

[Via Satellite 07-22-2015] Iridium has made five mobile applications from third party developers available for Iridium GO!, the company’s global smartphone access device. The apps are expected to help enhance functionality of the Iridium GO! for markets such as maritime, outdoor recreation, lone-worker safety, and aviation.

Three of the apps are developed by OCENS. Grib Explorer Plus melds GRIB weather and ocean data into detailed images for environmental insights. The aviation app Flycast provides flight-specific aviation weather forecasts out to 12 hours for any location on Earth, and the company’s Quick Web Information Pulls (QWIP) app delivers news, stocks, sports and other information.

PredictWind Offshore, created by PredictWind, enables users to download PredictWind GRIB files, weather routing, departure planning, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) text forecasts and satellite imagery for offshore travel. RoadPost and two10degrees jointly developed the fifth app, GeoPro, a lone-worker safety, monitoring and communication service for keeping in touch with a user’s workforce. According to Iridium, GeoPro addresses even the most rigorous lone-worker legislative requirements.

Iridium GO! provides global voice and text messaging for smartphone users as well as targeted additional data capabilities and connects to any Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet, providing connectivity anywhere on the planet for up to five devices.

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