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Goonhilly Earth station

Goonhilly satellite station. Photo: Gemma Garner (Flickr)

[Via Satellite 08-04-2015] Hispasat has reached an agreement with British teleport owners Goonhilly Earth Station (GES) to provide television distribution services across Europe. A transponder from the Hispasat 1E satellite will provide the capacity contracted over the next three years, which will be transmitted by means of one of the teleport antennas. The entire process chain of transmission has been set up and will be provided by GES.

The addition of services from Goonhilly adds to the teleports that already offer a shared solution on Hispasat’s 30 degrees west digital platforms. Hispasat offers audiovisual content producers means to transmit signals Direct-to-Home (DTH) or indirectly by transporting TV channels to cable head-ends. The operator enables transmissions in both Digital Video Broadcast-Satellite (DVB-S) and DVB Satellite Second Generation (DVB-S2).

Goonhilly opened in 1962 and received the first transatlantic images broadcast over Telstar. It also broadcast numerous historic events to Europe including the first lunar landings. Currently, Goonhilly is open to commercial services and is fully operational as a teleport for satellite communications.

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