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A man using SPOT satcom technology

A man using SPOT satcom technology. Photo: Globalstar

[Via Satellite 07-02-2015] Orbital Tracking Corp. subsidiary Global Telesat Communications Ltd. (GTCL) and Globalstar Europe Satellite Services have sold their 5,000th Spot tracking device, making GTCL one of the largest Spot distributors in Europe. GTCL entered a distributor agreement with Globalstar in early 2013, and has since expanded its global sales and distribution efforts to include Globalstar’s satellite voice and duplex data solutions, satellite phones, airtime plans and accessories. GTCL has seen Spot sales growth among outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, competitive sports and in commercial use for remote field worker scenarios, along with other verticals.

Globalstar’s Spot devices use location-based messaging and emergency notification technology to make calls beyond the reach of mobile signals. An average of one rescue a day is currently triggered by Spot products, and more than 3,500 rescues have been initiated globally.

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