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Globalstar SmartOne C

Globalstar’s SmartOne C simplex asset manager. Photo: Globalstar

[Via Satellite 05-14-2015] Globalstar has released the SmartOne C, a new one-way asset manager for commercial and government customers. The simplex device builds on the company’s existing SmartOne B model with new features for monitoring and managing fixed and portable assets.

The SmartOne C uses an accelerometer to alert owners of any unexpected motion, and also employs motion sensors, comparative Global Positioning System (GPS) data, and custom configured sensors to gather and transmit asset status information. The device includes features such as a reduced messaging mode, lowering the rate of messages when an asset remains in the same location, and an automatic switch to batteries should line power fail or experience an interruption. The device weighs 3.6oz, including four batteries and mounting hardware, and has more than 1.5 years of battery life using AAA 1.5V lithium batteries.

“Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things has the potential to help businesses and governments realize numerous operational efficiency benefits. The reliability and reach of our global [Low Earth Orbit] LEO satellite network allows us to offer a superior [Machine-to-Machine] M2M management service and with the launch of SmartOne C, we can continue to provide compact, feature-rich, cost-effective solutions,” said Jay Monroe, chairman and CEO of Globalstar.

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